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Why go to Tahoe or Vegas?


You can have a beautiful legal marriage with no waiting, no blood test and no hassle. It’s much more economical than Tahoe and you can bring your friends. In most cases I can supply the license so you don’t even have to make a trip to City Hall.

I love my job and always feel privileged to be a part of such a lovely ritual with a couple. I never take it for granted.

I promise that if you have guests, they will all say it’s the best ceremony they ever attended.

Wear blue jeans or a wedding gown. Pick your own time and place. I’ve married couples at sunrise and sunset, in hotels, restaurants and clifftops. Every single marriage is special and wonderful. I will custom-write your ceremony to make it really personal. I will be sensitive to your background and culture in writing the ceremony.

I have all the paperwork and am licensed by San Mateo County to issue licenses. So you can actually walk in and have a marriage right on the spot.

The cost at my home is $375. This includes all the paperwork and the ceremony and also a certified copy of the license after it has been recorded – a complete legal marriage. If I come to another location, the cost is $400. If you get your own license, I charge $300.

I had a printer make up a little collage with references from couples. They say things like “Rob and I are beyond words when it comes to expressing how much your warmth and energy made our ceremony absolutely perfect.” And “you turned our quick marriage into a beautiful ceremony that everyone in attendance will never forget.” If you’d like a copy of this with dozens of references, call me.

I’m located just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco and 15 minutes south of the airport.

Yes, you can get married by the Golden Gate Bridge, or in the other iconic places in San Francisco. I will take you every step of the way, from accompanying you to get your license to taking you to the perfect spot.

The only requirements for a marriage in California are that you be over 18 years of age and have good photo identification. There are no residency requirements.

I can also provide flowers, cake, champagne, photographer, makeup, hair do – whatever you need for your wedding day. Talk to me about special packages and services

Please call or E-mail and I'll send copies of references with a brochure.
I am available seven days a week, often on short notice.
Phone in San Mateo: 650-571-5555
Fax: 650-571-5555
E-Mail: KATEFTALBOT@aol.com



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